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Professional staff and reliable service

Tradutek Master Translators offers specialized, technical, and general English, Spanish and French translation, editing and proofreading services locally and internationally since 1990.


A solid education, experience and aptitude describe our staff and help us relate to our clients from different countries and with diverse needs.


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Specialty areas

Our degreed and certified translators will take care of your language needs in different areas:







social sciences


property law

Other services

At Tradutek Master Translators we develop and deliver Spanish and English courses from the basic to the advanced level.


Our professors are native speakers with sound knowledge and vast experience in language methodology and teaching arts.


Contact us +1.787.360.4311

About us...

Professional translation

Providing culturally and linguistically accurate translation service at highly competitive rates is our priority since 1990. Our professional translation and language consulting company has proven expertise with specialized, technical, and general texts in English, Spanish, and French. Our translators are degreed, certified and reliable. All of our clients' documents are kept strictly confidential. We are a member of the American Translators Association, and subscribe to its code of ethics.


Translation quality

Professional translations are a complex service that requires professional translators who master two languages, know two cultures and the subject being translated. A similarly qualified editor is also needed to thoroughly review and proofread the translated text for sense, meaning, style, syntax, grammar, and consistency, among others.

Every translation project is carefully proofread to ensure its faithful rendition into the target language. Our professional staff ensures that your translation, editing, or proofreading projects are complete, technically accurate and free of grammatical or idiomatic errors within tight deadlines. We are seriously committed to providing you with the best possible language services.



A good translation may require localization: the adaptation of the text to the target culture. This is essential so that the translated text is completely understood and accepted by the target population. We consider language nuances, graphics appropriateness, and metric and currency conversion also to provide you with a culturally and linguistic accurate translation.


Scheduling your project

Your corporation’s image greatly depends on the accuracy of the documents you produce, which took you considerable time to produce. Likewise, we will also need enough time to produce the best possible translation that your overseas clients will read. To assess the degree of difficulty of your document, we analyze it in detail. Will your target audience be a marketing department, middle management, assembly line employees? A different register (vocabulary level) will be used for each of these target groups to fulfill your business goals and protect your company’s image.



Technology plays an important role when translating or editing your project. We guarantee you the quality and consistency of your project. We accept and deliver texts in the most commonly used electronic formats: MS Word, SDLX, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and PDF.



Translation job assignments can be very varied; thus, it is necessary to examine the original text or a representative sample to make a fair estimate. Our rates reflect the reliability, quality, and specialized nature of our work. We charge a rate per word, which varies according to the degree of difficulty of a given subject. Rates include editing and proofreading by a second professional translator or editor.

Do not compromise quality; entrust your general or technical language project to us. We will work together to come up with a solution based on your requirements and needs according to your budget, targeted markets, and business goals.